Help with Correlation

Hello! I need help for an issue i have.

Let's assume that we have data of two variables (X and Y) for 14 different people.
We can find the correlation between those two variables, for each one. In my case i find moderate correlation in some of them (which is also stat. significant), and for some other i don't (and it appears to be statistical insignificant).

Is there a way to extract a result about the correlation for the general population using something as multiple correlation or something like that?


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Are you saying you have more than two variables but you were only looking at the pairwise correlations between those two variables?


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Yes, your posts are very vague.

I think they have two variables, 14 subjects, with 100 repeat measurements per subject, correct?
Yes that's what i mean..
Ok i will give you an example..

I have 14 people and for each one i have two variables AREA and duration (this is about fixation points while reading). For each person i have from 70-150 points (pairwise).

I cannot extract a median or mean value for each one, because each point is not recorded in the same condition.

I can run a correlation test for each one separately, but the purpose is to find a result for the general population.


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"I cannot extract a median or mean value for each one, because each point is not recorded in the same condition."

I don't understand this sentence:

each one = ?

same condition = ?

In addition, each person has a different number of repeated measures recorded? And the timing between these repeated measurements is not the same between subjects?
Yes, each person has different number of measures recorded. The timing between those measuremenets is different.

For the first part of your question, I mean that i could extract a measure of central tendency for each person, to represent those two variables, (median because they are non-normal distributed), and with 14 points run a correlation test. But 14 people are a small sample size to do it, and the results are not stat. significant.

That's the reason i am trying to find a way to use all the data and extract a result for all of them.


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You can probably put all data into a multilevel model for repeated measures. You may need to investigate the covariance structure to deal with the varying time intervals. This isn't a novice procedure so research will need to be conducted on your end. This approach will give you association estimates