Help with hazard function plot


I'm looking for help with hazard function plot.

Sample of dataset of 1200 obs:
ID Age Drugduration Hypertension Event EventDay Censored
1 76 200 1 0 83 1
2 80 180 0 1 214 0
3 85 120 1 0 275 1

I used these codes:

stset EventDay, failure(Event) id(ID)
stcox Age Drugduration Hypertension
stcurve, hazard kernel(gauss)
However, the plot does not begin at t=0. It begins at t=180. I have checked my dataset and EventDay data begin at t=3.

Then I tried to predict the baseline hazard contribution using these codes:
predict hr1, basehc
predict xb, xb
gen haz = hr1*exp(xb)
There are 855 missing values generated from the code. These missing values are from patient with Event=0.

Can anyone give a possible suggestion/fix for these problems?

Thank you.