help with neural network math problem

my project is a neural network that tries to determine the outcome of sporting events.Last winter i tracked hockey for most of the season and developed a network with over 2000 lines of data.One piece of data that i use in the query is the odds, which is expressed from the bookmaker i use as ie

favorite 195
underdog 200

now this year the site which offers those stats and which i want to keep using has slightly changed the odds so that it reads something like

favorite 195
underdog 205

so last year i had to develop a spreadsheet that tracked the results of the neural network to try to better understand the output of the network. the query became the input for the spreadsheet from which all the calculations were done. this has worked fine till they changed the numbers. Now my data will have conflicting results because the numbers are tracked in pairs which means that i cant use last years spreadsheet and need to build another one.

My idea for a solution is to convert all the odds to another number so that future changes no longer affect me. i thought of of adding the favorite and the underdog number 195 +205=400 and expressing the odds as a percentage of the total.

favorite 48.75%
underdog 51.25%

this way all the odds would be expressed as a percentage and any future changes would not matter. at least that is what i hope it would accomplish.

So my question is does this seem like a logical solution or are there better solutions. I would be grateful if you could take several minutes to consider this problem and give me your opinion .I ask this because i don't have formal math training and i am just winging this .