Help with question: What test should I use?!

Hello. I am trying to analyse whether the weight of my patients (in 3 different treatments) has any impact on their resistance to electric current.
The weight is normally distributed.
I use SPSS, and I am choosing to analyse a the data using a one-way ANCOVA, since I have 1 independent multi-layered categorical variable (3 different treatments with 10 patients each), and want to see whether the weight of the patients (covariate) impacts the individual electrical impedance (continuous variable).
However, running a Levene's test on SPSS it shows that there isn't homogeneity of variances (sig = 0.006).
Using a one-way ANOVA, the problem persists.
Should I try a different statistical approach? Is one-way ANCOVA the right test for what I want to do?