Help with research and excel


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I have some date/time stamped observations of a predator catching it's prey.

I want to enter them into a excel spread sheet in order to make some graphs.Though I'm not sure which will be the best way to do this as I'm not experienced with using excel or data in general.

So,example of data - date and at what time the predator was observed catching it's prey: 01/05/16 09:12 - 01-05/16 13:32 - 03/06/16 17:44 etc etc.

I will have hundreds of these points. The hypothesis is that the predator may have a preference for catching it's prey at certain times of the day. rather than just randomly.So a graphical representation which may show/or not that the hypothesis is likely happening.

I initially thought I should segment the time in hourly intervals and make a bar graph. By entering the time of day in one column and the amount of prey that the species caught between those times in another column. Though a line graph would also work,but some of the hourly intervals will have 0 prey caught so it may look a little overly squiggly (tech term).

Though maybe this maybe not the best approach. Since the data is a frequency of events occurring over time, does excel have any other ways of recording time and date stamped data or is the manually entering segmented hourly intervals a good approach?.

Any thoughts on this appreciated.