Help with running two level binary logistic regression model

Hello everyone,

It is my first time when I am performing quantitative research. My master thesis is about determining specialist level and organisational level characteristics that most likely influence collaborative behavior between healthcare providers through sharing skilled specialists. I have dataset that includes variables at specialist level and organisational level. The outcome variable is dichotomous. My sample consist of over 16000 cases. I was told that I need to use HLM7 software (hierarchical linear modelling) to run 2 level analysis, because my data is nested and I need to control specialist level variables. However, in order to use this HLM7 software I need to make out of one single SPSS data file, two separate data files one with specialist level variables and other one with organisational variables. I thought to use excel for separating data, but it does not work since it cannot read all values and cases.

Since I am more experienced in performing qualitative researches, it is too complicated for me and therefore, I cannot proceed with my data analysis.

Maybe there is someone who knows how to solve this problem or at least any ideas?

Thank you in advance for taking your time!

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Hello Evelina,

To tell you the truth, conducting an HLM analysis without proper statistical background may appear problematic. I'd suggest you find someone at your institution to introduce you to HLM and its basics (working with data sets is the least of your concerns). Otherwise, there is just too much to explain through a forum post.

I am not sure if this helps, but do not hesitate to send me a PM if you have additional questions.