Help with SPSS - perceptual map


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I used SPSS about 5 years ago and forgot most of the basic functions...

What I have and what I want to do is as follows:

demographics question - towns - where respondents live
11 questions, each with about 8 statements + none of the above + other
each statement was coded yes and no

I would like to get a corrolations map between towns and statements to see which towns are strongly associated with which statements.

Seems to me like the most basic thing to do, but I simply cant remember how to prepare data in SPSS (select only yes responses?) and then which analyzes to conduct :confused:

Please please please could somenone assist me!!!

Thank you so much!!!!

lost in spss


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So many people have read my post and no replies - does anyone know SPSS? Please could there be at least one kind soul to help me!:wave:
To run a simple correlation would merely require you to choose ANALYZE.... CORRELATIONS.... BIVARIATE from the menus and then merely choose the fields you want to test. Maybe I am overlooking something in your question, but that is what I would do. Hope that helps.

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try with MCA

try to use also multivariate correspondence analysis in spss analyze/data reduction/optimal scaling. the option joint categories will help you to get a map with all the categories of your variables. and you can choose to enter town as a supplementary variable in your analysis that means that your map will contain also the towns' names. hope to be helpful :)