Help with statistical test.

Hello all:

I'm new to the forum and new to statistics. I'm a student doing a research on User Acceptance of Technology using a model known as UTAUT.

I don't know how to conduct the appropriate statistical test to answer the hypothesis in my research. I've only taken a couple of statistic classess. The classes were entry level and not good enough to help me understand how to solve the problem.

I'm wondering if somebody could help solve the problem. I'm not expecting all the answers to the problem. However, all your guidance is assistance is appreciated. Also, English is not my first language, therefore, please forgive any errors on my writing.

Here is the information I have available.

My sample is n=200

I have 4 IVs: PE, SE, EE, and FC, and 2 DVs: BI, and UB
I also have three Moderating vars: GENDER, AGE, and EXPERIENCE

In the UTAUT model PE, SE, and EE have a direct relationship with BI
Also, FC and BI have direct relationship with UB

I have stated the following hypothesis:

PE positively influences BI
SE positively influences BI
EE postively influences BI
FC and BI positively influence UB

The relationship between PE and BI is moderated by Gender and Age, in such way that younger Males create a stronger relationship

Other similar moderating conditions are involved on the model but I'm not listing them here for simplicity

I'm using a 7-Point Likert scale. Each variable has a 4 items.

My questions are as follow:

What parametric test can I perform using SPSS
What nonparametric test can I perform SPSS

I've read in forums that with Likert scales I can only perform nonparametric tests, however, in other forums I've read that is possible summing the scores and finding an average for each item, and then treating the value as interval.

Any asistance on how to perform the tests is appreciated.