Help would be much appreciated


I am currently trying to piece together my first research proposal for an MSc module. If anybody could please help it would be much appreciated, as I am currently stuck on a couple of points.

1. My first question is very simple and I'm sure I am missing something obvious. My research project focuses on a set of one specific type of businesses in a country of a definite group. My sample frame is the entire staff of one of these businesses, and then a random sample from this sample frame - Is there a term for this type of sampling, or is it just a random sample?

2. My dependent variable is a 5 point Likert scale, ie - "How Much Did You Like Our New Soda Drink?" (1) -> (5)

There are various independent variables, most of which are also 5 point Likert scales. Such as, "How important is the smell of a drink to you?" (1) -> (5)

Some other variables are things such as age, gender, marital status, etc. I understand that these should be converted to 'dummy variables', which are discrete/discontinuous. ie, male = 1, female = 0.

If anybody could please kindly advise what sort of data analysis methods I should be looking at for investigating causal relationships between these different types of IV and DV it would be much appreciated.

Would it be normal to perform 2 types of analysis? Such as, on the Likert IV's, a Mann-Whitney U-test and then regression analysis?

Any pointers would be much appreciated, I am finding it all quite over whelming and daunting.