Ok, so here is my problem, I have a patient list of 300 patients each with unique identifiers like age, sex, race. Each patient is numbered 0001, 0002, 0003 .... 0300

Each has a full data sheet of their own for all labs they've received during a 10 year period. Extensive 30 columns by 300-600+ rows.

Each sheet column has a unique header for each lab, example - hemoglobin .... or blood sodium level. The first column are the dates.

Essentially I want to run an analysis which compares the likelihood of event "A" occurring after event "B" given 300 patients.

How do I import this data into STATA/Minitab/JMP? It has to be able to be able to be done in one of these?

Essentially I want to setup a database with multiple instances (patients) each with a unique comparable variable that is easily referable (hemoglobin) which is has an associated date and value. Why is this so hard to do?

I would like to run stats comparing two (or more) variables with data breakdown of what gets compared. Ie those with low hemoglobin, below 10, is there an associatopm with low serum sodium 3 months following? if it is statistically significant, what can you tell me about those patients? Male/female/black/orange? This is ultimately what I need.