Ambassador to the humans
I have R. I think many would consider me an expert with R. I definitely understand statistics. What I'm saying is I can very easily do your work for you kid but that's not the point. Next time don't be lazy and if you're asking for help provide the relevant information. This applies to anything - with how you're responding I'm guessing you won't be coming back and that's fine but I hope you learned a lesson here.

I also as a general rule don't trust anybody when they only vaguely describe what they're going to do with code. If you produce a plot and tell me it's somehow wrong I need to see every line you wrote to produce the plot - don't just say "I ran plot" because I can't trust you didn't do something like switch x and y. Maybe the plot is correct and you're just reading it wrong. If you provide all of that upfront like what I asked for them that's easy and quick to figure out.

Just a reminder - you didn't pay us a dime. We don't owe you anything. I would have gladly helped but it was like pulling teeth to get you to provide the output to save some time. My time is infinitely more valuable to me than your time is and since I don't get paid to do this I fully expect you to put in that other work so that we can help you as easily as possible.