Hey all!

Hey all!

I'm a physics student but I've always been interested in statistics.
Besides this, of course as a physicist, I have to do with statistics from time to time. So I hope to learn a bit about statistics and the appropriate tools here and may be find some nice people that perhaps could help me with specific problems! :)



Glad to have you aboard. May I ask if you are an undergraduate or graduate student? What are some of your interests/needs in statistics (ie what methods tests are you prone to usinging or are interested in)? What is you primary computer program for computing staistical and/or physics work?

Hi trinker.
I'm an undergraduate student. I don't have that specific topics in mind, but as soon as I hit something statistical (typically, things like noise models in differential equations, etc.), I like to do some further reading on those topics. I usually use GNU Octave, scipy, gnuplot, etc. Just pretty much the standard stuff ;)