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Do you drink the recommended amount of water each day? Most Americans don't! On average, Americans drink 6 eight-oz servings of water a day. A sample of 46 education professionals was randomly selected and their water consumption for a 24-hour period was monitored; the mean amount consumed was 51 oz. Assuming the amount of water consumed daily by adults is normally distributed and the standard deviation is 10 oz, is there sufficient evidence to show that education professionals consume, on average, more water daily than the national average? Use α = .05. which is p value??
Excuse me. I did a mistake with the exercise. The correct exercise is this one: Ho: μ = 12.4, Ha: μ 12.4; x = 11.4, σ = 4.2, n = 23
(i) Calculate the test statistic z. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.)

Z= -1. 14 but I don´t know how to obtain the p value as mu of Ho=12.4 and mu of Ha have to be different 12.4 Thanks

(ii) Calculate the p-value. (Give your answer correct to four decimal places.)