Hi there!

Just following the instructions! And its also nice to knock before enter so, hi people!!! :wave:
Hoping to get some light on statistical/stata issues!!!



We're glad to have you aboard. Can you tell us a little more about yourself? What area of statistics are you interested in? What is your level of education with statistics/familiarity of use? How are you using stats currently (work, school, play)?
Hi Trinker!

Thanks for the "welcome questions'-pack". :)
I'm a Portuguese pharmacist and I'm currently working in the field of Cancer Epidemiology. I'm also (trying) to finish Public Health Master course.
I had introduction to bio-statistics during the Pharmaceutical Sciences course but it was soon forgotten 'cause it was not really needed (I´d never worked in research so for the "normal" pharmacy work, statistics wasn't necessary). But since I entered to the Public Health Master, I rediscovered that I actually love maths and statistics and all that... But I'm struggling with a lot of problems (I posted a Thread on the Stata forum but 'til now I've got no answers) because I'm working with CI5 data and that's a lot of data, with different things among the database, so it's been hard for me to do things in an automatic way. :confused:
And I guess that's all...
Anything more, just ask.

I'm working with Stata but if there's something that it's easily done on R, for instance, I'm also able to understand it and to replicate it... But after starting anything in any of these programs, I need to read the help files and threads's answers because I'm not a mathematician... If i'm anything in this field then I'm a mathematician/statistician wannabe. :cool:
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