Hierarchical Cluster Analyis: Working with Groups

Hello everybody!

I am not sure if you provide me an answer to my questions, but I am pretty desperate and would be glad of any help I can get! I am conducting a study in which I applied first Factor Analysis (for a question that was asked with Likert Scale, regarding characteristics of a product) to reduce variables and name these factors.

Then, I did a cluster analysis with these factors (hierarchical (and not kmeans) method because I didn't know how many groups I should keep in the beginning) which suggested me keeping 3 groups. In STATA, a new variable was created, which I called "hierarg" and which represents the 3 groups. If typing in command: tab hierarg --> I can see how the observations are distributed among the groups.

So I checked which of the factors (from Factor Analysis) are most represented in which group and was then able to name the groups (Group 1: people preferring product A, Group 2: B, Group 3: C).

Now I face the problem: I want to test if for example in Group 1 (people preferring product A) these people are older than in the other groups, or for example if education might have an influence on the fact of being in a specific group to be able to get results: people preferring product A have highest education, and are often older. I know how many observations are in each group but I do not know which command I can use in STATA to get such results...

I tried to solve it with mlogit, taking this variable hierarg as categorical one (i.hierarg) and hence got a result, that if people are older, the probability of being in Group 2 decreseas and so on. But is that the only option? I hope I could explain myself right and would be more than happy if you or anybody else could help me!