histogram ...is this correct..???

For this problem:

THe data set below shows the number of pennies in 8 random samples of 20 coins drawn from an infinitely large jar of coins:

7 18 4 6 3 2 8 5

I sketched a histogram and I put the frequency of coins on the y axis and then 20 coins on the x-axis. I'm not sure though...I'm confused if you are supposed to list out all 20 coins or something else on the x-axis!! Please clarify asap ~~!!! thank you!!!
galactus said:
Here's a histogram done with Excel:

The x-axis should have 1 through 8. An oversight.

Also my teacher said you can't list out all 8 samples on the bottom (x-axis) so that's been really confusing me. Is there another way to do it or could he be wrong? Thank you for your help!