HLM Graphics

Hi Guys,

i am working with hlm 7 and a 3-level-Model.
I analyse if Extraversion is a Moderator between Event Leader/employe (for example positive Feedvback) -> affective reaction.

In literature it says, that Extraversion raise positive affective Reaction... in my Study the correlation coefficient is 1.13 -> the more extraversion the more positive affective Reaktion.

if i use now HLM 7 and Extraversion as Moderator, it gives me -1.170784 as correlation coefficient.


Now i get such a bar graph:


How do i Interpret those bar graphs?

My Sugession:
Left 2 bars:
without extraversion, anyone feels more positive affective reaktion

Right 2 Bars:
with extraversion, anyone stills feels more affective reaction, but that much as people with out extraversion.

Thats why the correlation coeffizient is negative with -1.170784.

Hope someone does understand me, sorry for my bad english.

THX Guys