HLM how do I insert control variables on level 1 and on level 2?


I´m a beginner, so I´d be greatful for help. I use HLM 7:

MY model: employees nested in organizations

y= individual´s wellbeing
x1/Control variable level 1= age
x2/Control variable/predictor= subjective perception of climate

level 2:
W1(control)= firm size (continuos)
w2 (predictor!)= mean perception of climate

now in words:

I want to test, whether there is an additional explanation of variance or a significant correlation for the level 2 predictor W2 after controlling for everything else in the model.
I tried it but im not sure if done correctly.

What should the equations for Level 1 and for level 2 look like? what should be set fixed, what random ?

Help highly highly appreciated,

Yours Paula