How can I combine these variables into a new one

I need to create a new variable from two.
The first one is an ordinal variable called Professional Bachelor Office Management, and has 3 values: 0= doesn't apply, 1=BA1, 2=BA2, 3=BA3, the second one is also an ordinal variable called Professional Bachelor Business Management, and has as values: 0=doesn't apply, 1=BA1, 2=BA2logistics, 3=BA2 marketing, 4=BA3 logistics, 5=BA3 marketing.
How do I make these into 1 variable with the correct values.

I need to know how each group scores on their English exams, compare their scores. I also need to eliminate value 0=doesn't apply and have done this by select cases if condition is satisfied, and have used another variable that distinguishes between profession and non-professional Bachelor, I've set this at ProfBach > 0 (because 0 = doesn't apply, and the rest of the values are 1 = BA1, 2= BA2, 3= BA3.

I did not make this database but really need an answer!