How can I compare the effect of different VI on my VD?


I would like to compare the effect of different independent variables on a dependent variable.

My VD is quantitative.
I have 3 VI that are nominal: Valence (2 levels), Rhetorical orientation (2 levels), statement type (3 levels).
It looks like that:

In order to asses the influence of each VI on my VD I performed a three-way ANOVA. So far so good.

But now I would like to know which VI has the most impact on my results. I know it's the rhetorical orientation in this case because it has the lowest p-value. But how can I statistically demonstrate that this difference is significative? For example how can I say that the results of the ANOVA "VD x Rhétorique (F = 13, p>.001)" is more significant than "VD x Valence (F = 3, p=0.08)"?

The problem is that because I don't have a statement with a positive valence and a negative rhetorical orientation I cannot calculate the interaction with the ANOVA...

Thank you very much :)