How can I convert PDF files to ePub format?

hi,I 'm a student of a college,There is a problem bothering me for a long time.
I have a CD of PDF files, is there a way I can convert them to ePub files?
Is there an online/desktop tool that will allow me to do that?
Since I am a eBook lover, so I think some useful site to make the conversion.
There is free PDF to ePub converter online but it has a catsh that you may not convert in batch at one time. And it perhaps takes a long time to present you the output files.
Also, you may try this tutorial about how to convert PDF to ePub format. Results depend entirely on the PDFs that you want to convert.
Glad that you got it working.
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well if u are going to use a free converter or any conversion software i really don't see any point in converting at all because u won't get the indexing and your formatting will be just as crapy in ePub threw a free conversion or any software conversion free or not free as it is in pdf. so if u going to convert ether do Manuel coding your self, of hire a manuel conversion company to do it for u. i like to use pdf to ebook
I also love Apple devices like iphone and iPad, ePub is the only ebook format which can be accepted by these device. I used to searching a easy-to-use program to convert PDF files to epub, but some of them often convert pdf lossing some pages. one friend suggest me this PDF to ePub Converter, it is rather useful.
Using a PDF to EPUB converter application (and ebook manager) you can quickly convert PDF (and other file formats) to .epub files, which you can then transfer to your iphone for reading in iBooks .for more info, google how to convert pdf to epub.
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This is very easy matter. You need a software which is convert to ePub format. If you want to collect it, there are many source for it. I suggest you that search google. There you can easily find free software. Thank you.