How can I split the mean (e.g. split the mean by gender) in SPSS?

I am completely new to SPSS and I have to split the mean by one variable or even by two variables ("produce a single table showing the mean of the symptom severity checklist score before and after treatment, split by anxiety disorder and by patient gender")
This is just the example I have been given, but it could of course be anything where i need to split the mean by two variables and have only a single table.
I couldn't really find anything about splitting the mean by one (or, even worse, by two variables) in my book or the internet, and I tried it but got two tables. Does anyone know how to do it in SPSS?

Thank you
This is what the "Explore" option can do for you.

Analyze > Descriptive Statistics > Explore

Variables that have a mean go in "Dependent List"
Grouping variables go in "Factor List"
Under display, click "Statistics" (unless you want to see stem and leaf plots)
Click OK