How do i analyze my data statistically??

I need help regarding hypothesis testing. Not a statistics major but familiar with basic concepts (basic descriptive statistics, frequency, measures of: central tendency, location, dispersion) so please forgive and correct my technical mistakes. So i have a research on the relationship/s of intelligence and religiosity among students (Male and Female). i was advised (by my adviser, who btw is not a statistics major) to use hypothesis testing but i have no idea how to conduct it. i will link the excel file to my google drive.
here are the questions:
-Determine religiosity/atheism and intelligence among male and female students
-Determine the correlation between the two variables for both sexes.
-religiosity - basically how religious the respondents are (1 for strongly disagree, 5 for strongly agree)
-atheism- lack of religiosity
-intelligence - cognitive ability of the respondents (measured using IQ test; exam scores will have their corresponding IQs)
i used non-probabilistic sampling (quota sampling) for determining my sample


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You would need to start with reading a textbook like the following:

Freedman, D., Pisani, R., & Purves, R. (2007). Statistics (4th ed). New York: W. W. Norton & Company.

If you can get a copy of SPSS, this will help since SPSS is the best statistical package for novices... Judging by the listed research questions, several types of analysis would be necessary.


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-religiosity - basically how religious the respondents are (1 for strongly disagree, 5 for strongly agree)
Is this just 1 item asking for religiosity (i.e. religiosity is measured on an ordinal scale), or are there several items dealing with reiligiosity, and the scores of that items are summed up (the sum would then be considered as interval scaled)?

Regarding the choice of tests, you might perhaps want to use one of these sources .

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