How do I define this research design?

This is a fairly straightforward question but I can't seem to find a good definition to categorize some review board paperwork I need to do.

Description of the study:
A set of 12 physical examination techniques (some binary outcomes, some continuous) is performed on all people referred to a lab for testing. After the physical exam signs being investigated are noted, the patients get the lab testing that their physicians ordered. Patients are referred to the lab out their physicians suspicion of one of various breathing disorders. The physical exam is done on everyone that comes to the lab, and researchers are unaware of what disease process is suspected.

Afterwards, the lab results are obtained by researchers and classified as either having a specific disease we want to look at, or not having it (other diseases outside what we are looking at fall into this category). Based on the lab results from people that have the disease, they are classified into mild, moderate, or severe.

We then aim to correlate individual physical exam signs to the level of severity of disease within the population of participants that has the disease. With further analysis, we will determine subsets of the physical exam signs that allow us to categorize disease severity without the use of lab tests.

Is this a nested case control study?