How do i know how many student took at least one test of the total four tests?

Hello everyone,
im new here this is my first post , hopefully i can explain my self well cuz my English is not that good.

so my problem is that i have a sample of 4688 student ,and they were assigned too take four different tests (Math, English, Science , Arabic). but not all student were available for every testing session. the following shows the actual participation:

subject # tested % of sample tested
Math 4500 96.0%
English 4492 95.8%
Science 4465 95.2%
Arabic 4470 95.3%

Now how can i know how many student took at least one of the four subjects?

i know that the answer is 4590 (97.9%) but i dont know how?

kindly show me the steps and formula to solve it

thank you for your time :)