How do I perform generalized estimating equation for clustered data in SPSS?


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Hi everyone,

I am looking at the impact of an intervention on students' knowledge scores (continuous var).

- My study has a control group (50 schools) and an intervention group (another 50 schools) which are randomly selected (cluster RCT) from 6 countries. Knowledge scores are reported at baseline and at post-intervention for both intervention and control groups.

- Here is my model (standard linear regression):
+ Dependent var: post-test score
+ Key independent var: intervention (1) and control (0)
+ Control vars: gender, country, pre-test score

- A similar project said that we need to adjust for the cluster effect. In their project, they said that they use GEE to control for the clustering effect.

- I've read about GEE but really can not figure out if I should include "school ID" (100 categories) in the model to control for cluster. If yes, how I can include it in the model?

I use SPSS to run the analysis.
Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you,