How do I test binomial data?

Good Afternoon,

I have what I assume will be an easy question for all those more statistically minded than myself.

Say I have done an experiment for infection/ no infection of a disease.

Infection/no infection is based on exposure to a certain environmental condition.

I have twelve different time points and 32 replicates in each time point.

The resulting data I can transfer into percentages, is there any more robust test I can do though to confirm that my results are not just by chance keeping in mind that my scores for the data are yes/no?

Thank you for your help, or any pointing down the right path.


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What is your research questions? Be as specific as possible.

So you have data for 32 people for 12 time points. What does this data look like? Are you looking for time until disease? Do you have any covariates that you need to control for? Please provide more information.

I've added a screen shot of my data sheet.

I have 32 infection points for each duration, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 48.
This is split 16 with isolate one and 16 with isolate two.

I randomized the durations across eight chambers, each chamber only fit twelve plants and on each plant four infection points.

The humidity, temp, droplet size, inoculum conc. are all consistently the same.

I have scores of when infection occurred and did not occur six days post inoculation. I have percentages, and totals.

I'm curious though, is there a way to analyze this data further? To draw more conclusions from the number of reps I have done, and the resulting data?

Thanks for any help or advice!