How do I turn "Top Stats" back on?

I looked through the FAQ, settings...

I accidentally somehow removed the "Top 10 Stats" list of most recent posts that appear at the top of the forum index by default.

Can someone please tell me how I can get it back?:confused:


(and sorry for what must be such a minor question that I'm sure must be right under my nose ... somewhere)


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Re: Am I that dense?...


No - this is actually a common occurrence and if you clicked the 'turn off top stats' thing by accident then it's understandable that you missed the message that came right after it telling you how to re-enable it. In the "Quick Links" dropdown menu at the top there should be a "turn on top stats" option. Yes - the options are kind of invisible until you hover over them... it's something I've been hoping quark will fix for quite some time.

You aren't the first and certainly won't be the last person to have this happen.
Re: Am I that dense?...

Got it!! Thanaks Dason!!

it was the bottom one under quick links for me, but after I clicked it it wasn't there anymore, maybe that's why you don't see it