How to analyse my data?


Im analysing my data for my thesis but i cant seem to figure out what analyses to conduct.
I have coded miscommunication during a training. 5 day time trainings and 4 night time trainings. I used 5 codes to label the miscommunication. There were 3 rol's during the training which have also been coded. I coded the start of the miscommunication, the end and duration.
Now my problem is that each video had a different duration, and there is 1 more day time training then night time training. How can i analyse my data.

I need to answer the following questions with my data:

Is there a difference in the amount of miscommunication between daytime and night time.
Does a specific role has more miscommunication and is there a difference between day/night
How is the miscommunication distributed during the day and night (for instance is there more miscommunication at the beginning of the training, middle or end, or is there a difference in the way the codes are distirbuted)

If anyone could help me with answering these questions, giving me tips on how to ensure my data is analysed properly, i'd be really grateful!