How to analyse non-independent events with repeated measures

I'm trying to evaluate the relationship between a number of variables with an event. The event occurs every 24 hours and repeats a number of times to one group of participants (Group A). The variables are measured in participants at 4 hourly intervals prior to the event.

The variables will be compared to the same variables measured in another group of participants who do not experience the event (Group B).

My question is the best way to analyse this relationship:

I see 2 challenges
1. Repeated measures in the 24 hours leading up to the event
My plan was to use a clustered bootstrap technique to determine the bootstrap mean and SD for the variables in Group A for the 24 hours leading up to the event, and compare the it to the calculation done for Group B. The bootstrap technique was chosen due to repeated measures on the same participant being done.

2. Non-independence of each event

Each event in group A is a mixture of indepedent and non-independent events (one participant may experience the event multiple times, whilst each participant is independent from the other). I'm at a lost as to how to blend an analysis for the 2 types of events.

Any recommendations on how to go about this analysis?