How to analyze a Vignette study in SPSS

Hello all,

I am a Master student and just finished collecting data for a survey, a vignette study. I have a total of 12 vignettes, followed by 4 question (the same questions after each vignette), which measure Preference on a 5-point Likert scale. Each participant was randomly shown 3 vignettes. The vignettes are composed out of two variables: Type of Task (4 different task types) and Urgency (perception of low, high, or no urgency). Hence, 4 x 3 = 12 vignettes.

Unfortunatly, I have no idea how I can analyze this data in SPSS, and my supervisor doesn't provide much help. The data file which I downloaded from Qualtrics is rather empty, seeing as each respondent only saw 3 vignettes.

I want to see whether Type of Task and Urgency had any effect on Preference, which is measured with the 4 questions after every vignette. Any ideas on how to organize this data? An example paper in which this is done succesfully is already very helpfull, I hope I have provided enough information. If not, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks in advance!
Hi Barthel, Unfortunatly I haven't figured it out yet, as I have just finished collecting data. As soon as I have found a solution I will share it here. In the mean time, if you've found the solution, please feel free to do the same, so we can help each other out during the process.