How to analyze this data


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I have a database with 4 independent variables, and 2 dependent variables. The sample size is ~600.

I have two groups: Treatment A and Treatment B.

The independent variables in each group are #1: Continuous, #2: Ordinal (3 levels), #3:Ordinal (5 levels), #4 Categorical (Yes/No).

The dependent variables are #1: Ordinal (3 levels) ; #2: Categorical (Yes/No)

The dependent variable #1 & #2 is based on the decisions factoring all independent variables.

The dependent variables #1 and #2 are competing goals, i.e., to achieve one, the other sometimes suffers (Although not always). That is, they are dependent on each other in only some cases.

I want to know how best to address analyzing this data: What test(s) to use to determine which independent variables have a significant effect on each or both of the dependent variables; Which treatment achieves optimum goals in both the dependent variables. What are the conditions need to be satisfied; and, How to determine the effect of of one dependent variable on the other.

Thanks so much.