How to answer such interview questions?

Hi All,

I recently had an interview for a position of a Statistical analyst, and I got asked a very interesting and unusual question, that I had not anticipated at all.

I was asked: "How many people use the Internet in [insert any country name]?"

As I was told, such questions are only used to observe how we think about a problem and go about solving it. Since this was the first time I had ever asked such a question, and because my background was in Data Mining rather than in pure Statistics, I naturally had a hard time solving it. Indeed, I felt my answer was poorer than any.

But I would be thankful if folks here give their views on how to answer such questions, and if they could also provide sample answers.

Kind Regards,

Ah! Thanks! I did not know about Fermi problems at all. I have just started reading the link you posted, and surely I will be able to get a better grip on the type of problems.

My answer to the question was thoroughly immature, and I feel embarrassed to share it. But I found few other students too who were asked similar questions, and they presented approaches similar to that mentioned in the Wiki page, i.e. a generous use of assumptions, overestimation and underestimation...

Definitely, thanks for your help.
Hi, I guess, there is no exact answers here. I'm not really an expert answering questions about statistics. However,for this, there can be probable answers using some statistical methods. I hope my idea helps:)