How to Calculate the Coefficient of Multiple Regression

Hi Statistic Gurus

I'm not really familar with multiple linear regression, and despite countless hours on google, I havn't found any clear resources which demonstrate how to calculate the coeffecients, such as intercept and slope. Below is the standard formula, I want to convert this into code for software:

y = b0 + (b1)(x1) + (b2)(x2) + … (bp)(xp)

If someone would be kind enough to take me through the process (step-by-step) of calculating the coefficients, and then using the formula to make a prediction.

( is exactly what I'm looking for, but this link is for simple linear regression.

Here is some dummy data, can someone please show the process and stages of manipulating this data into b0, b1 and b2:
Y (DV): 1,2,3
X1 (IV): 3,2,1
X2 (IV): 2,3,4

Thank you for your time :)
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