How to calculate the expected value

Hello I had statistics in college about 20 years ago and forgot many things. So that is why I am asking my question here.
If I have a sample set, with a mean for the sample set, and the standard deviation, can I predict what the mean and standard deviation might be for a larger sample set?

Suppose I have a stop watch and I track the number of seconds my race car takes to travel from point A to point B. I do this six times, so my sample set is :.

Trial 1 : 6 seconds
Trial 2 : 6.5 seconds
Trial 3 : 7 seconds
Trial 4 : 5.5 seconds
Trial 5 : 6.8 seconds
Trial 6 : 7.1 seconds

Mean is : 6.4833

Based on a calculated mean and standard deviation for these six trials (My standard deviation is now shown)
is there a way to predict what the mean and standard deviation would be for 100 trials? Also do you think my sample size of 6 is too small?


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Hi CalicoCAt

I don't think to predict is the correct word here.

Hint. start with the basic question:
What do you expect will happened to the average and to the standard deviation when you will use a bigger sample size like 100?
smaller? equal? greater?

Maybe you think of the standard deviation of the average?
I also suggest that you will read about "confidence interval"