How to calculate the tail ends of the standard normal distribution?

I know it's probably the most basic explanation ever but I am so stuck.
How on earth do we arrive at 9.2% (on either side of the bell)?? I have looked at the Z-Score table for +1.33 and the values do not converge with 9.2%?



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Well if you look up 1.33 on the standard normal dist, +/- 1.33 std devs in my book says 0.8165. So (1-0.8165)/2 = ~9.2%. You divide by 2 since it is two-tailed.

In books you usually get 4 numbers:

all area up to +1.33: 0.9082
area beyond +1.33: 0.0918
area from 0 to +1.33: 0.4082
area +/- 1.33: 0.8165

You can see how any of them can get you the right area.