How to calculate variables accurately


I am an MSc student of evolutionary medicine in Durham uni and I have collected my own data regarding infertility and pregnancies.

I am having difficulty figure out how to input my variables to correctly respresent the data. I have six variables in total, three of which I am not sure about how to quantify them.

I have collected information from women on 1. how many pregnancies they had and 2. number of surviving children. For example one woman has had 15 pregnancies but only one of these resulted in a child. Should the surviving children variable be a "yes" or "no" answer as to whether the child survived?

I have collected the data from two groups of women: 1. for women who experienced hypertension during pregnancy and 2. for women who have not. For the women who experienced hypertension I also have maternal age at each pregnancy for each woman. Should I have categories of age for this answer or can i input the specific age at each conception?

I am meeting with my supervisor in two days to discuss this because I have got myself into a right muddle! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! Aine.