How to compare groups of 3 variables

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I need help with my data.
Data are of 9 groups of patients. Not all patients in a group received a medication and not all patients received the same number of doses.
I need to compare the groups on how many medications per se was given in a group, or in other words which group is sickest.
The example is
A1 group consist of 465 patients and 82 of them received medication and a total of 137 medications were given
A9 group consists of 319 patients and 56 patients received medication and a total of 78 medications were given.
The question is, which group was sicker?
Meaning which group had a combination of No. of patients and medications given, based on total No. of patients that had bigger "load" of medications? Or the most important there is a trend from A1 to A9?
The small table is attached in excel.
Please any help about this problem What statistical procedure can "even out" the groups based on these 3 variables.
Thank you
dr. kristijan


Not open for further replies.