How to compare multiple testers wine ratings?

Newbie alert!

Problem description: I have 20 wines and 6 tasters. Each taster ranks the wines from 1 to 20.

Question: How do I test the hypothesis that the taster's rankings were the same?

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Can you explain what your hypothesis is in a bit more detail? Do you mean that you hypothesise that the tasters will rank all the wines in exactly the same order?


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Achalk, I'm not "bullying" you as you claim in your report. The point I am trying to guide you to is that you don't need any sophisticated statistical test to reject the (implausible) null hypothesis that you've specified. Quite literally, if you look at the rankings, and some of the tasters ranked the wines differently from others, that's enough to reject the null hypothesis you've chosen.

The bigger point here is that a useful statistical analysis depends heavily on what specific questions or hypotheses you decide to investigate. Forgetting about statistical jargon and null hypotheses, what are you actually trying to find out here?