How to create graph showing PCA with groups from Cluster analysis?

Yet again I have run into another wall. I am doing a project for uni and have came across a problem, I am looking to build a graph with PCA scores (2 components, so pca1 VS pca2). I also need to label the scores with what group they belong to, after having done a cluster analysis.
Is this even possible? I have tried looking through the manuel and I see that it is possible to use a graph with PCA along with Cluster Analysis (I think cluster generate, but I am struggling).

I hope this makes sense and any help would be greatly appreciated!!


TS Contributor
I know an R package that perform PCA (as well as Correspondence Analysis) that allows the user to plot a cluster tree directly onto the PCA map.
The package is called 'FactoMineR'. You can try and search on the web. You can also find useful video tutorials on YouTube, made by one of the package creators (Prof. Husson). You can see the videos on Husson's YouTube channel (just search for him on YT).

Hope this helps,