How to create new column in a df based on multiple conditions?

I have two columns and would like to create a third. The logic that I am trying to create is;
Column A represents a unique customer record. For every unique customer based on email or ID number in column A I would like to look at column B and if there is a mix of POS and Web then the third column = MC, if not then non MC.


Column A Column B Column C POS POS WEB MC POS not MC
123456 POS
123456 WEB MC
123458 WEB not MC
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Can you better provide an example of what data looks like and what you are trying to achieve and distinguish which is which?

sorry- so the example is attached.

Basically for every unique ID in the Customer column if the customer has purchased in both Channels; POS and web, they are Mcstatus = MC, and if they only purchase in the one channel then they are non MC.

I;ve filled out with the Mcstatus column with example data.

The final step would be to do a distinct count of the customer column to see how many total MC and non MC customers there are. :tup:

Let me know if anything needs clarifying further.

thanks a lot for your help.