How to find similar expression profiles within a table

Hello dear people, I am doing my master thesis and I have a table that consists out of several hundreds of patients, for each patient the expression intensities for a set of cell markers is given. These patients have a disease whereoff we know that one of those markers gets upregulated. But there is a great chance that there is a subclassification in this disease that correlates with the up or downregulation of other markers in my table. So my aim is to try to identify recurrent expression profiles within those patients to get a lead to a classification in this disease.

Who can help me with this? I have not had extensive statistics courses during my study, so I really don't know where to start.

Edit: I attached a drawing to make clear what I am talking about.


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I would guess people may not have followed you context description. So you are trying to see if cell markers (binary: yes/no or continuous?) effect a classification (binary: Yes/No or continuous?)? Are there any feedback loops?