How to get this number?


a) Variant
expected value ( I do not know how to get this?)
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Is something missing here? The top equation does add up correctly. There follows a bunch of white space an an unrelated calculation.

Ok, I think I know what is confusing you. (In your initial post, you seemed troubled that your calculated expected value was greater than one. Is that the problem?)

After you calculate the expected value, what is it that you know? Or to put it another way, what does the expected value tell you?
Your notation indicates that you are mixing up two systems. I'll write my answer in the North American English fashion.


The idea is that you expect to have 0 sales 27% of the time, 1 sale 40% of the time and 2 sales 33% of the time. For a randomly selected period, you expect 1.06 sales.
Thanks, you realy helped me. :tup:
But one more question :rolleyes:
Define the chance variable H as the total sales on markets X and Y
How that will look?