How to get values for risk to die durign observation period with Kaplan Meier or Cox-Regression.

Hello, i analysed two groups for their survival. But i know want to see the risk every specific group for itself had during observation period to die.
But SPPS just shows me the mean median survival or how much people life at a specific time or the Hazard ratio.

Can anbody help me?

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Not quite following you, but you may be able to run the model twice, changing the reference group each time. Then the intercept in each model would be the hazards for the reference group. Does this work for you, if not you need a better description of your problem!
Hello, thank you for your response. What do you mean with intercept? If i change refercen group i first do have an Exp(B) of 0,179 (the higher coded goup has a 82,1% lower risk to die during obeservation period, in contrast to the lower coded group)
And otherwise the Exp(B) ist 5,599. The lower coded group has a 5,6 % higher risk to die during observation period in contrast to the reference group?
Do i interpret it right? But shouldn't the risk for the lower group be 82,1% higher to die then?

Actually what i wanna know is how high was the risk to die in one group over the complete observation period.