how to interpret or report the result

i have done a project looking at how many malpositioned nasogastric tubes were detected on doing chest radiography in patients in ICU. can i report the result as percentage or i have to calculate relative risk or odds ratio.
may look like asilly question but i am desperate for help


Omega Contributor
You would present it as a count plus percentage. In order to have a RR or OR, you would have to have at least another variable to stratify malpositioned yes/no by. If you are examining placement at time of insertion you would use RR, If you were checking place later on, perhaps using existing radiographic scans, then you would use OR.

I wouldn't stratify results unless you were planning on it, but one way would be malposition by who inserted the tube (resident/attending/nurse). Though there will be more things to think about if you stratify by more than two groups.