How to interpret Spearman's correlation between Likert-scale questions?

Hi there!
I have a question regarding the correlation of different statements. I would appreciate any help!
How can I interpret this correlation?
For example, I have 7 statements within one block (5-point Likert-scale) and respondents have to choose between whether they totally agree, agree, …and s.o.
SPSS Correlation (Spearman) showed that for statement no.1 and no.7 exists correlation of ,657**.

1)”It is difficult for auditors to understand the main risks of fair value model”
7)”It is difficult for auditors to understand the model, because of the lack of specific education”:

How to correctly describe this correlation in this case (when Likert scale is used) when reporting?
An if it is a negative correlation, then how to report it?
(for instance ,-556)

Thank you so much!