How to make a heatmap in R for a microarray data?

Hi guys,

I have been given a microarray data for which I need to figure out a heatmap. Unfortunately I have never had a chance and experience in this field. I even don't know how to use the R. Recently I try to learn the R and I have know how to read the data into the system. Could someone please tell me which program I can use to draw the heatmap?

Here is the data format saved in my computer:
obs Exposure Gender Gene1 Gene2 Gene3 ........ Gene1503
1 1 1 0.543 0.187 0.856 ........ 0.425
2 0 1 ...
3 1 0 ...
50 1 1 .... ....

Please note: all the genes' value are larger than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 1.

I am not fimiliar with the syntax of R. So, if you would like to contribute you answer to this post, please wirte the sentence in detail.

Thank you very much!
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Take a look at this. I think it is well documented for you.

Using R to draw a Heatmap from Microarray Data

The first section of this page uses R to analyse an Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) microarray dataset, producing a heatmap (with dendrograms) of genes differentially expressed between two types of leukemia.
There is a follow on page dealing with how to do this from Python using RPy.
The original citation for the raw data is "Gene expression profile of adult T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia identifies distinct subsets of patients with different response to therapy and survival" by Chiaretti et al. Blood 2004. (PMID: 14684422)
The analysis is a "step by step" recipe based on this paper, Bioconductor: open software development for computational biology and bioinformatics, Gentleman et al. 2004. (...)