How to modify the pair combination of cards created by orthoplan design?

Hello, everyone..

I have a problem with creating an orthoplan design using SPSS v.20.
I have a research about preferences. I have to create stimuli cards that will be ranked by respondents before conducting the survey. I tried the orthoplan design menu on SPSS and it resulted in 12 cards of stimuli. But here's the problem.
The combination of some levels of factors in one of the cards was invalid.
For example, I have factors and levels such as hotel class (star, nonstar) and room amenities (available, not available). One of the stimuli cards generated was star hotel with no amenities available while commonly star hotel has amenities available in its rooms. So I want to modify the syntax of orthoplan somehow so that star hotel will always paired with amenities available. Is there any way to solve this problem?

If my description is confusing and you need to ask for more information, please ask me and I'll respond as fast as I can. I need to solve this problem to continue the research.

Thank you very much.