How to organize vignette data in SPSS

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I am a PHD student and just finished data collection for my third study, which was a vignette study. I designed an online questionnaire with 30 different scenario's, or vignettes, followed by a block of 7 questions (the same questions after each vignette). Each participant was randomly exposed to 5 vignettes, out of the total of 30. The vignettes are composed of two variables: a topic (ranging from low to high in intimacy, 5 topics) and social tie (ranging from weak-strong, 6 ties). Thus, each vignette/scenario was composed of those two variables: 5 x 6 = 30 scenario's total. Now, I have no idea how to organize this data in SPSS. I just downloaded the data file from Qualtrics which is, obviously, largely empty because everyone participant only saw 5 scenario's. Hence there is a lot of 'missing data'. I'm assuming i have to somehow arrange the scenario's in a column, so the scenario then becomes the unit of analysis as opposed to the participant (this is what I'm used to). Any ideas on how to organize this data? I hope I have provided enough info! Thanks in advance!


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Your first variable is 'topic' (categories), your second variable is 'tie', then followed by 7 variables which contain the answers to the questions.

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Hi it's me again... An additional question. Entering two variables makes sense. However, since every participant saw 5 scenario's, how does that work? Do I create new variables for each scenario they saw? i.e. Topic1, Topic2, etc and Tie1, Tie2 etc? Followed by the answers they gave for each scenario they saw/each variable they were exposed to?