How to read a .wpd file inot sas data set?

I am unable to read a .wpd (WPS) file into sas data set.

Suppose there is a file Employee_Details.wpd stored at location z\:...

Can I write:
Data Employee;
INFILE 'z:\...Employee_Details.wpd' DLM = ',' DSD MISSOVERFIRSTOBS=2;
INPUT ....

:The temp file so created shows only blanks or '.' . What am I missing?:shakehead:confused:

Thanks in advance.
You can use LIBNAME;DATA;SET statements...

Let the .wpd file be at Z:xxyy\abcd

LIBNAME data123'Z:xxyy\abcd';
DATA get_data;
SET data123.get_data456;
/*if - use if statement for the SET condition*/

Basically, a .wpd file should be a permanent file in the Library.. :tup: :yup: